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Def Jam FFNY: Style Showcase - Reflex (MA, SF + KB)

Published on 11 Apr 2019 / In How-to & Style

Def Jam FFNY has 30 style combinations possible for 3 style Created Characters. In this video series, i'll be showcasing you the moveset of every 3-style combination, hope you enjoy it!

Song: La Caution - Thé à la Menthe (The Lazer Dance Version)

MA = Martial Arts
KB = Kickboxing
SF = Streetfighting
WR = Wrestling
SM = Submissions

Reminder: MA, SF + KB = MA, KB + SF; The order of the second and third style doesn't matter, you'll get the same combination.

Want to request a 1v1 fight between these styles? Use this video:

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